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"FIX ME!" The Doc demands to a forlorn B'Elanna in "Displaced".

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Dog watching Jeopardy -- enough said.

Two from one of our all-time favorite episode, "Jauggernaut". Dirty, dirty girl B'Elanna was.

Tom, looking a little confused as he's making out his goodbye message to B'Elanna. Noooooooooooo!! My shuttle!!!!!!!!!

B'Elanna flying her imaginary ship in the holodeck. Unfortunately she doesn't do it very well and ends up unconscious for 12 hours and reveals her dirty little secret.

Little known secret: This is what REALLY happens to Klingons if they're around Tribbles too long. They melt like G.I. Joes in the microwave.

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Tom looks like he's choking on Neelix's latest concoction, I surely hope someone in there aside from HIM knows the heimlich maneuver.

Here's a nice birds-eye view of our favorite balding lieutenant. Though, I keep in mind my father's own experiance with this, and think it'll stop at this point and we'll just continue to enjoy his adorably thinned hairline.

B'Elanna's blank stare as she steps inside her doomstay device, which happens to be just as smart as she is. Freaky...

Thomas Eugene Paris, the man with the worst hand-eye coordination of ANY Starfleet officer I have ever seen in my entire life. I was on the floor laughing at his pathetic spider-catching attempts in "Gravity".

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Another dirty one of B'Elanna 'meditiating' in the Jauggernaut ship.

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I have no idea where I picked this up from, or where it's from, but it's a pretty awesome pic, ne?

an inexperianced B'Elanna leads Chakotay's soul into the most erotic of the spirit worlds by accident, or at least, that's what the Doc thought.

Tom in "Extreme Risk" wondering what B'Elanna's problem is. Hello? Could it not be more obvious? I don't think he was really paying much attention...

Tom protecting his territory. "My ship! MY SHIP!!"
<---- The Doctor looks like he's singing B'Elanna to sleep, though she doesn't seem very pleased.

Another full Klingon shot from the episode "Faces". One of my personal favorites. No one else has ever acted a Klingon female better than Roxann. ---->

Tom looking a little confused when B'Elanna starts to return his wild flirtations in "Day Of Honor". Now why can't they have MORE episodes like that one? Why? Because we can't have nice things.

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Look at how tiny B'Elanna is in comparison to full Klingons. It's not that I'm laughing, (too much), but she looks so pathetic in comparison. Which was probably why they were so surprised when she kicked their asses!

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