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From "Gravity". Tom, in the absence of Tuvok, tries to get the scanners working on his crashed shuttle.

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One of the best scenes from "Jauggernaught"; where B'Elanna stares blankly at her reflection while thinking about how she practically murdered the slimey dude back on the ship. It's a real Kodak moment.

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<--- B'Elanna wrestling with a muppet baby in "Nothing Human".

The Doctor being a peeping Tom and trying to talk to B'Elanna while she's nekkid. ;)

When Janeway emerges from the Jeffries Tube with Seven, they're the only ones who know what's really going on (In "The Killing Game) so how come the fact that B'Elanna looks to be about ready to pop didn't surprise her in the least? It's not exactly like it's something she could MISS.

Janeway giving B'Elanna some last words before she goes back to the "Barge of the Dead". Tom stands by in the background, having already given her a goodbye kiss and speech proclaiming reasons not to go. Which is what the other picture is about. :)

Silver-Nail-Polish-clone-Tom from "Course:Oblivion" just before he gets married to Silver-Nail-Polish-Clone-B'Elanna.

B'Elanna in "Scientific Method" looking like she's about to throw up on the console. Which wouldn't be all that surprising since at the time she made this episode she was around three or four months pregnant.

From "Vis a Vis". Roxann's hugely pregnant and Robbie's gained sympathy weight. Awwww, isn't that cute?

A promotion picture of Roxann Dawson from the sixth season. Cast pictures taken in the same likeness can be seen on the promo pics page, there is a link to that page at the bottom of this one.

Two pictures taken from "The Barge of the Dead". In my opinion one of, if not the most amazing Star Trek: Voyager... aw hell, STar Trek in general... episodes ever made.

Tom and B'Elanna from "Displaced".
Tom... B'Elanna... that is NOT the time for that...

Tom and B'Elanna clones after they've gotten married, running out to the corridor while being showered with rice. Of course what they don't know is that they're all made of silver goo, and death is imminent. Can't you tell I didn't like this episode?

Tom's cute smile from "Random Thoughts". Wonder what he's thinking' about... he looks pretty happy. ;)

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